Photo Of The Day: Cruising Through The Hamptons With Feathered Friend In Tow

by KENDRA SEAY · July 7, 2009

    [Photo by KLEW Photo] Our Hamptons pic of the day comes from a GofG Hamptons reader who spotted this classic white convertible cruising around the East End. While this might appear to be the norm as we've seen our fair share of rides like it all over Long Island, the Canadian Goose sitting patiently in the front seat as the car drives down the street is an official first for us. Seriously?! The feathered passenger of this car can FLY, yet it opts for a ride down the street enjoying the scenery and turning its beak up to the pigeons on the street while being chauffeured around with the top down. Life is good in the Hamptons, even for the birds.

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