Save Summer!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 18, 2008

    save summer! [Photo via Ben Watts]

    This weekend was another favorite of mine.  It was a perfect ending to my week spent rolling around the beautiful town of Quogue.  I am in full on "Save Summer" mode now, and I have the fresh tan, crumbled clothes, and sandy shoes to prove it. Thursday, after filming Plum TV at Sunset Beach, I finally got a chance to taste the fresh catch of the day at Dockers in Quogue. Several beach runs, swims in the ocean, and trips across the Shelter Island South Ferry, later I'm heading back to the city. Between the Surf Clubs, the half and half's, and the 505's, I was a busy girl.  Although, if there were any parties to be aware of, I was in the for the intimate affair at Sunset on Saturday night.

    I have been practicing the art of "saving memories" as each shell I pass on the sand, each jelly fish that grazes my skin, and every sail boat I overturn becomes committed to my own.  I will need to resort to these in the long winter months that lie ahead.