Summer Is Winding Down. Now's The Time To Really Get Greedy!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 11, 2008

    the surf clubMadonna may have missed her own party this weekend, but I was far from the hamptons social set, and even further from caring.  We took the weekend off (again) from the party circuit and focused on some simpler pleasures.  Friends (both new and old), good food, and some good old fashioned fun.  This weekend, in Quogue, I learned the ins and outs of the Surf Club, The Q, and the Fruit King.  I learned how to poach a sword fish and stuff a crepe.  I got preyed on by jellyfish, and buried in the beautiful sands of Long Island. There were tomatoes involved, and ice cream...scallops, vino, and salt water.  There were few (read: zero) showers and even less cell phone usage.  The only time I looked at my computer was to watch what was happening in Beijing.  Sometimes it's okay to sleep too much, eat too much, and lay in the sun for too long. I may have gotten a tad greedy this weekend, but this is what summer is all about.