Summer Treat: Schweddy Balls On A Cone!

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 16, 2011

    What sounds more refreshing than a double scoop cone of schweddy balls on a sweltering August day? Well, a lot of things, but Ben & Jerry apparently think otherwise. The Huffington Post reported that they are indeed planning a flavor of ice cream called "schweddy balls," after the SNL skit with our Hamptons man, Alec Baldwin.

    The ice cream guru's are keeping their mouths shut. According to the Huffington Post, Ben and Jerry "like all of [their] new flavors to have an element of surprise." Well, taking a bite of schweddy balls would be a surprise indeed.

    The original SNL skit of Alec Baldwin's "schweddy balls." Hilarious!

    Would Kim Kardashian enjoy a cone of schweddy balls with the same gusto??

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