The Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Summer 2011

by Chelsea Burcz · August 30, 2011

    Summer is almost at its end; Labor Day weekend is rapidly approaching and the thought of the weather getting chilly and heading back to the city is daunting. So, here's an idea, let's not think about it! We are going to get a little nostalgic for a minute and recall the top 10 things that we will miss this summer. What will you miss?

    1. Getting sloppy at The Sloppy Tuna

    A little person dressed as Elvis pouring shots down a chick's throat? A maniac of an owner "throwing T's up" and adding the word "tuna" to every classic song (Think: "Sweet Home Ala-tuna," "Tuna-struck," etc.)? Aaaand reasonably priced drinks compared to the rest of the Hamptons right on the beach? This place kicked serious ass this summer, even Charlie Sheen thinks so.

    This all actually happened, this is not a reenactment...

    2. Burritos from La Fondita

    In a perfect world, I could eat La Fondita for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without gaining an ounce of weight. But for now, I only drive the 40 minutes from my place in Southampton when I have those especially strong urges for some Mexican cuisine. I'm not sure what it is, but even though these burritos aren't the spiciest, or even the most authentic, they are still somehow deliciously delectable and addicting.

    3. Taking the back roads while blasting music

    One thing about the Hamptons that I hate with a fiery flame of passion from the depths of hell is the fact that you must drive everywhere, and everywhere has traffic. I get car sick. I get bored in cars. I hate radio music. (For these reasons I do not live in L.A.)  But this summer I became accustomed with the "back roads" of the Hamptons. These long, airy, stretches of road were actually a pleasure to cruise through, with scenes of farmlands and forests - it made party hopping throughout the Hamptons way less overwhelming.

    4. Going to the Golden Pear and complaining about how over priced it is

    No matter how many times I moan and groan about the Golden Pear and their overpriced tendencies, I always find myself there, shelling out the cash. Why? I'm not sure what it is but there is something about the place that when I walk by I can't resist popping in for a sandwich. I suffer long lines, impatient and "entitled" Hamptonites, and a hole in my wallet just for some Golden Pear. We all do. What's wrong with us?

    5. Sundays at the Surf Lodge

    Hanging out and enjoying a beer on the water while listening to great live music, like the Smith Westerns, will be one of the biggest bummers fall brings along with it. Sundays at the Surf Lodge meant less of a crowd, a gorgeous sun set, and free front row seats to your favorite bands that you pay way too much to see in NYC. It's practically a summer paradise.

    The Smith Westerns perform a sunset show...

    6. Having that one last drink at Blue Collar Bar

    Living on the outskirts of Southampton means a long trek back home after a night out in Montauk. After an hour ride in the car you are practically sober already. How does one solve this dilemma? By making a pit stop at Blue Collar Bar, a dive bar in a strip mall along Route 27 for one last drink and one last song. This place never fails at keeping our spirits up when we are almost home.

    7. Spending afternoons at Banzai Burger

    Banzai Burger was my go-to place for a hearty meal and a beer after a long day of work or in the sun. With both a "laid-back bar" and "high-end gourmet food" vibe, Banzai was the spot to spend a good couple of hours relaxing and hanging out with friends.

    8. Getting a Free Ride

    Hamptons Free Ride blew up this summer, giving free eco-friendly rides from the parking lots of East Hampton to the beach. Not only did we ride around for free, but got free snacks and drinks on the way! This young, booming business definitely changed downtown East Hampton for the better.

    Jon Bon Jovi's into Hamptons Free Ride, too...

    9. Shelter Island

    Shelter Island is the gem between the North and South Fork that is always a treat for me to visit. The quiet, serene atmosphere, the cute restaurants, the boating culture and fireworks are all precious. Even the occasional party at Sunset seems more intimate than your typical Hamptons club full of sparklers. I love it.

    Shelter Island folks hanging out in the sun at Sunset beach...

    10. Hurricane Irene

    This babe provided some short lived entertainment/fear/reasons to drink just when the summer needed a kick in the butt. Irene, you will not be missed, but I do have some fond memories with you.