This Pool Float Will Keep Your Hair & Makeup Looking Insta Perfect

by Christie Grimm · June 11, 2019

    I'm a keep-my-hair-dry kind of girl. I'm not a priss, mind you. But in the middle of the day in the summer, the last thing I want to do is deal with chlorine hair that needs to be washed, dried and styled again. Which I realize upon reading definitely makes me sound like a priss, but hey, I don't wear makeup, so something's got to look semi-pulled together.

    The brand that launched a bazillion aspirational #richkid Instagrams, Funboy, has finally done it. A pool float basically designed to keep your locks, and your entire self for that matter, dry. It's an inevitability that at some point while sunbathing on a float, whether while flopping yourself onto the thing or kamikaze flinging yourself off, your quest to stay dry will be ruined by a rogue stream of water. But not with the Rainbow Clear Floating Lounger.

    Perfectly perched and elevated to keep you above water level and out of the splash zone, this ombre-colored chaise-style lounger is the float of the summer. Like, don't even bother blowing up that gigantic swan or flamingo.

    Keep calm and tan on.

    Buy it HERE!