You Can Now Smell Like The Surf Lodge

by Christie Grimm · July 6, 2017

    We know. You're totally racking your brain right now in some tragic attempt to imagine what that oh so haute odor could be. After all, what do magnums of rosé, spilled vodka sodas, crushed Montauk brews, lobster rolls, rompers and sandy shoes smell like?

    Well, heaven, apparently.

    Cool girl brand Sunday Forever has teamed up with everyone's favorite Montauk hot spot, creating their new candle, aptly titled Stay. Obviously, this is primed to be the hottest hostess gift of the season. A decorative accessory no social person of note's well appointed home (or one bedroom, sixth floor walkup studio apartment) could possibly be without. 

    Salt, sand, and waves are the fragrance notes that will have you lighting up and enjoying an endless summer well beyond the warmer months. That is if you don't delay. This shit's limited edition - so get on it!

    [Photo via @dylanasuarez]