Apparently Zev Norotsky Runs The Hamptons

by BRITTA LOFGREN · May 24, 2010

    Check him out...remember his face, because according to, well, himself, Zev "The Dune" Norotsky, HE runs the Hamptons.  So if you are planning to head out East at all this summer, you best make sure to educate yo'self accordingly.

    Hamptons staple, nightlife PR owner, and Dune regular Zev Norotsky, has started spreading the word, and so modestly, using #werunthehamptons to tweet about Memorial Weekend activities at client AXE Lounge at Dune.  Cluing in Hamptons regulars such as @JBlasberg, @schwartzjon, and, yours truly, @GofGHamptons, Norotsky wants to ensure early on that there's no mistake who's boss out east this year.



    Armed with two bottles of tequila, a tux, and that smirk, how could there be any question?

    That said, Dune is putting up a pretty good roster for the upcoming holiday weekend; events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday featuring music from the likes of DJ Berrie, DJ Tanner, and Jus Ske may just make it on our Memorial Day to-do list.

    (P.S...stay tuned for a full rundown on Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend activities- coming soon!)