Are You Following @GofGHamptons On Twitter Yet?!

by KENDRA SEAY · June 16, 2009

    [Anthony Angelico via Twitter] Getting a new Twitter follower is almost as exciting for the GofGHamptons team as getting a new comment on a JRL post. We lost our marbles over our 100th Harvard hunk follower and today we reached 200 thanks to @ajangelico a.k.a. Anthony Angelico, who made our day by adding himself to our growing twitter family. While we may not reach tweeting baller status like Ashton or Diddy by summer's end, we are confident we can keep up with the GofG NYC team who stands at 989 followers and we will surely pass these guys and their 329 tweeters. If you aren't already familiar with @GofGHamptons, follow us now so you can stay up to date with everything Hamptons this summer!