Twiterrific Hampton Tweets...

by KENDRA SEAY · August 21, 2009

    @INTERMIX Who knew that we, and our Southampton friends at TBD, were on the same flipcam collage? compliments of @gofghamptons about 12 hours ago from

    @Bethenny disappointed at the mex food at fondita in amagansett-watery and uninteresting except the guac :( off to the of leisure is odd. about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @AshleySimko Woke up this morning in Bridgehampton with allergies raging. Apparently I packed: technology, panties and candy. Luckily, that's all I need. about 15 hours ago from Tweetie

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    @blue&cream @JonathanCheban Haha are you in the Lamps this weekend? Come by for a hoody and Blue&Cream cupcakes by :-) about 4 hours ago from web

    @JustinRossLee JRL's JewJetting article debuts today in every supermarket checkout aisle in America: about 13 hours ago from web

    @kristianlaliber @carolhan so, uh, what else do you do to help the homeless? besides wearing 3.1 and loubs? about 7 hours ago from web

    @ConradHilton Rode horses on the beach at Gabys brothers BBQ, haha it was funny and scary. about 5 hours ago from UberTwitter -----

    @PJofDON City bound on the Luxury Liner for a few meetings. Back east in the am for crazy weekend. about 15 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @RoyalPains_USA HAMPTONS WORD OF THE DAY: happy look n. the perpetual sneer worn by the never satisfied. about 16 hours ago from web

    @Jillzarin What to do this weekend. WAnt to go to montreal ! But will end up put east I think. about 10 hours ago from txt