Twitterific Hampton Tweets

by KENDRA SEAY · June 1, 2009

    @kikilet just finished eating at phillipe at in east hampton and drinking beers at lilypond about 6 hours ago from web



    @ arielilana @gofghamptons head hurts, but last night was FABOO hahah xox about 10 hours ago from web

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    @TimoWeiland out longboarding....gorgeous day! about 11 hours ago from web


    @girluninterrupt Perfect indoor activity for an overcast day in the Hamptons? Cook a big brunch and play Livin on a Prayer on Rock Band 10 times in a row. about 10 hours ago from web


    @CarsonGriffith alert the press- i am ACTUALLY drinking a beer. seems appropriate while listening 2 Stephen Marley play on Surf Lodges deck. sweater please! about 9 hours ago from web