Twitterific Hampton Tweets

by KENDRA SEAY · July 23, 2009

    @TweetHampton In the Hamptons your t-shirt is your status symbol 52 minutes ago from TweetDeck -----

    @rjhilbertiv My twitter on sleaze fest '09 was on Huffington Post, E!, Gawker, Guest of a Guest, Perez Hilton, and more..... about 11 hours ago from web

    @virtualoliver @CarsonGriffith @arielilana I'll see you both at the sharehouse. about 7 hours ago from UberTwitter

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    @KatieLeeJoel On my way to studio....The Early Show is so early!!! Tune in around 8:40 for my segment:) about 2 hours ago from Twitterrific

    @thegreenmonkeys nothing beats a bowl of rice krispies with bananas...nothing..not even dinner at Nick and toni's about 17 hours ago from web

    @kikilet In the car to the hamptons. Kidlets, dogs, and nanny in tow. Ready for the long weekend with kiddies about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @Jillzarin ust home from fun dinner. Red Bar..great food..thank you. Boating day tomorrow to Block Island if good weather? about 8 hours ago from web