Twitterific Hampton Tweets...

by KENDRA SEAY · August 19, 2009

    @KatieLeeJoel Dining @ Animal pop up in MTK with @benleventhal...fave of pork extravaganza: pork belly sliders on homemade bun with slaw.Also loved hominy about 3 hours ago from Twitterrific

    @PJofDON Down @gurneys beach party with @dmartofdon and @cmexpress listening to Dan Bailey. Eating sushi and drinking Caronas around the bonfire. about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter

    @hamptonswriter Seriously enjoying life at the moment: sitting on the flying bridge of a effing gorgeous yacht that I'll be bringing out east tomorrow! Yea! about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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    @benleventhal His final night in MTK done Shook now hinting at NYC encore soon. @katieleejoel, @mokoyfman, @C_H_E_F concur, MTK effort serious hit. about 3 hours ago from txt

    @malasander So Billy Joel's Movin' Out : His two side by side oceanfront properties now on the market! each about 1 acre, buy both for $35M.... about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck

    @JasonBinn @LauraKatzenberg I love that you are going to make it to the Hamptons for Labor Day. What night can we hit the town...tons of great events? about 8 hours ago from web