Twitterific Hampton Tweets...Weekend Edition

by KENDRA SEAY · August 17, 2009

    @dizzyblazeberg Riddle me this: which fashion person is here at Renee Zellweger's movie premiere and slurred to the star, "Great job, Raaaachelll." Fun!!! 10:36 PM Aug 15th from TwitterBerry

    @CarsonGriffith Is Lindsay Lohan following us? 2nd place tonight weve run into. Whatd she say to u @adrielreboh? U cant always get what u want? Thats the theme of the night about 21 hours ago from txt

    @carolhan Overslept and packed/dressed in 30 min flat--new record. Off to the Hamptons for ArtWalk w/ @kellybrowning and @kristianlaliber 9:00 AM Aug 15th from TwitterBerry

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    @monstermaltz Just saw the new Renee Zellweger movie "My One And Only" with @vieluxe. LOVED it! Now for dinner at Blue Parrot with @dizzyblazeberg 9:44 PM Aug 15th from UberTwitter

    @JTWhite Watching some surf flicks at Surf lodge about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter --------

    @AllyZarin I'll miss u montauk. Fun day at friends house on the beach. 3 dogs running wild about 5 hours ago from

    @dougalmarshall F to the U to @tmobile who dropped my call in the middle of talking to my future mother in law. Put a tower in the hamptons already. about 9 hours ago from web

    @Bethenny Is leaving party she crashed: george cheezy hamilton,marc cold jacobs jon bon jovi and renee unexpectedly nice, hot and pretty zelwegger. 11:19 PM Aug 15th from TwitterBerry

    @Hamptondaze Fondita+ocean=LOVE about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry ------

    @UncleRUSH At david rosenbergs house sooo many fun people. Its nice to have 15 bedrooms in your summer house? Sometimes :-) about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    @TheRudeHamptons Overheard a woman yest insulting a hostess after she wouldn't confirm if the person infront of her in line was @katieleejoel -lady noyfb about 17 hours ago from Tweetie

    @StevenRojas Ryder Robison art show in South Hampton about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry ------

    @PJofDON Ew. Blohan looks gross right now @ dune. about 24 hours ago from UberTwitter -----

    @Jillzarin Having lunch at Babette in east Hampton. They do have diet coke! I lost bet. 3:43 PM Aug 15th from txt =====

    @blueandcream Guess what super duper models came to shop in the Lamptons today !!!!!! 12:09 AM Aug 15th from web

    @kikilet At gallery for photographer russell james aboriginal art collaboration in south with brooklyn decker 10:27 PM Aug 14th from TwitterBerry

    @TimoWeiland Excited for great weather and ArtWalk this weekend in the Hamptons! 3:38 PM Aug 14th from TwitterBerry