Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 23, 2009

    We love to play dress up. We'll admit it. We're adult, 20-something year old girls, and we love nothing more than a good theme party, a reason to be in costume, or any excuse to color coordinate. So that's exactly why this seashell bandeau suit caught our eye. Because wouldn't it make any girl feel like a mermaid? It's not exactly two shells strung together and a fin, but it's the closest thing to a mermaid costume we can wear on the beaches of the Hamptons without someone hauling us away in a straight jacket. Plus, it's pretty darn cute. And in seafoam or peach, it flatters anyone's skin tone. So now you don't have to be named Ariel - or be 7 years old - to play The Little Mermaid anymore.