The Do's And Don'ts Of Summer PDA

by Anna Lombardi · July 15, 2011

    Ahh summer, the season of hook ups and booze. When these two are combined with the heat of the moment things tend to get... sloppy. I can't lie, a few margaritas and a companion later I have found myself falling victim to the overly public demonstration of affection (or at the very least, the urge to publicly demonstrate). You can roll your eyes, but we have all been there. The truth is you can still get pleasure out of publicly demonstrating your sexual urge, without being "those two" sucking face in the corner. Here is my list for the do's and don'ts of summer PDA...

    DO the back pocket butt grab, this move works best and looks best when done one at a time. When people are sober it tends to look a little fruity, but with the proper amount of alcohol in the given setting this has a more subtle, and less in-your-face way of letting people know, "I got this one"..... DON'T ear lobe suck, nibble, lick... anything. Just do us all a favor, and keep your mouth away from the ears of your guy/girl when you are in public, unless you are whispering something dirty.

    The bedroom, however, is an entirely different ball game, and also a totally different post! [photo via]

    DO the light hand hold. Watching those couples cut off each others circulation is annoying, if you can't split up than do us all a favor and don't come out. It is hard enough to make my  way through a sea of individuals in a crowded bar, when I am trying to get past the two of you, it becomes a human wall of annoyance. Keep it light and flirty. Plus, the more gentle the touch the sexual the insinuation.

    This says, "I can't wait to get you home, but lets enjoy the night a bit" [photo via]

    And this just says, "Why bring you home when you have no problem letting me have my way in front of a crowd?"

    DON'T do the public dry hump. This is just gross. The public dry hump is a great way to let everybody at the party/bar/club know that you are a hot mess with loose moral values.

    I don't even know where to begin.... [photo via]

    This is going beyond a dry hump, this is a full on dry ride!

    DO give a peck. There is a fine line between a peck, and standard kiss. Once things go standard in public it all starts going down hill.

    Keep it under 2 seconds, and you got a clean non-aggressive peck...

    Let it go too long, and well... yeah, you run the risk of it getting weird. [photos via]

    I don't even need to see this couples faces to know that they being entirely too much, just check out the hand placement! Lets not even get started on the hairy back... Yikes!