Think You Run The Hamptons? There's A Shirt For That

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 18, 2010

    He’s made it clear on Twitter, Facebook, and even on our site…but in case an innocent non-internet-using bystander passes him on the street, Zev Norotsky will make sure they know who runs the Hamptons…

    The creative silk-screened attire, first seen posted on Facebook by AXE Lounger Matt Moncada, is worn by Zev and the select few cronies established enough in Hamptons nightlife roll with him at the AXE Lounge. Personally, we think there are a few other ways we could get our hands on one:

    1) Try walking around in an AXE t-shirt, doused in AXE deodorant, dancing at AXE lounge every Friday and Saturday night. You’re bound to get noticed; and hey, even if you don’t score a tee, maybe you’ll get some free AXE.

    2) Be the star runner on the Southampton Cross-country Running team, then write an email to Zev arguing that no, YOU run the Hamptons. In fact, you run them every morning at 8am for six miles. He can’t argue with that.

    3) Write about the t-shirt in your awesome Hamptons blog and hope that he gets the hint. No, no…we would never do that. Never!

    As of now, we’re pretty sure these are the only ways to get your hands on one of these signature 2010 “We Run the Hamptons” tees, but maybe a gentle nudge (or perhaps Facebook poke?) could get these guys to start selling them to a worthy few. Not that we’re suggesting mass social media mayhem or anything…

    [Photo via Facebook]