Wodka Vodka Creates JRL Cocktail, Can't Spell For Shit, Possibly Doesn't Even Exist

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 7, 2010

    Wodka Vodka, the new vodka brand endorsed by gatekeeper Wass Stevens and boasting "Hamptons Quality, Newark Pricing," has a website.  And "signature" cocktails.  Including one for favorite Hamptons scenester Justin Ross Lee.

    And you thought Wass Stevens on a vodka-sponsored billboard in Times Square was funny.  Well wait until you see the new Wodka Vodka website, welovewodka.com, which features random video footage overall unrelated to the brand, a collection of (faux?) press mentions, and an "informational" page about spokesman Mr. W and events manager Farmer Bob.  All thoroughly entertaining, but our favorite part of the site?  The collection of Wodka's "Absurd Cocktails," complete with recipes and full descriptions of the inspiration behind them.

    Among the absurdities are totally wild concoctions like The Black Russian, The Sea Breeze, and...wait for it...the Wodka & Soda.  CRAZY!  I bet they hired their own mixologist to come up with those ones.  Possibly even less creative is the Pretencious (yes, that's how they spelled it) Wodka Rocks, for some reason named after notorious faux-cialite Justin Ross Lee, and containing one ingredient: Wodka.  So what makes it so pretentious?  The ice cubes are made from Fiji water.  Can that even be called a cocktail?  Let alone, an absurd cocktail?

    The ridiculousness of this site, paired with the abundance of spelling errors strewn about, make us wonder whether this new vodka really even exists.  If not, props to whomever has enough time on their hands to create such a campaign.  If so...well, we feel the same way regardless.

    Next time we see JRL, we'll be sure to cheers with his new "signature" cocktail...after all, Wodka does boast "Hamptons Quality."

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    [JRL Photo via Facebook, Wodka Photos via WeLoveWodka]