A Summer's Eve: Hamptons Drinking Accessories

by Chelsea Burcz · May 24, 2011

    Summertime is when drinking (or chugging) alcoholic beverages is completely acceptable 24 hours of the day. So why not keep it classy with some cool drinking accessories? Check out some of these picks for your summer in the Hamptons!

    1. Ah, the tin cup. An age-old accessory for sipping straight whiskey. Bring back this vintage look for your summer sippin'! [via]

    2. These quirky flasks say what every Hamptons woman is thinking... with attitude. [via]

    3. Madras - the iconic fashion statement of the Hamptons. Make sure you make that statement while gulping down a cold one. [via]

    4. For the more "femme" madras look, perhaps you fill this preppy glass with your morning bloody Mary? [via]

    5. Ice is essential to a refreshing cocktail in the summer heat. Keep it cool with this crabby ice box! [via]

    6. The best tales come forth after a bottle of wine, so why not use this tail of a whale corkscrew to get the party started? [via]

    7. Lilly Pulitzer makes little drink umbrellas. 'Nough said. [via]

    8. For the Hamptons sportsmen, the Hamilton Skotch Kooler will keep you feeling frisky, even on the go. [via]

    9. And for the preppy darling, a florally decorated flask is a great (and fashionable) way to stow away those extra shots of vodka. [via]