Tinsley's Tips For Snooki On How To Be 'High Society'

by Chiara Atik · April 14, 2010

    Look, just because you're getting in bar fights on trashy reality shows does NOT mean you can ignore the rules of etiquette: just ask Tinsley Mortimer. She stopped by a Harper's Bazaar shoot recently to give Snooki and the Jersey Shore girls some tips on how to conduct oneself with class...-

    We're sure Tinsley made sure to go over the following:

    How to artfully snub someone at the Metropolitan Opera.

    How to politely instruct maidstaff at the Empire Hotel on bed-making.

    The best florist to arrange a nice bouquet of dead flowers for your enemy.

    How to artfully extricate yourself from your sobbing mother at a Charity ball.

    How to always arrange for a back-up stylist in case your friend has terrible taste.

    How to respectfully blur out your ex-husbands face as your reality show films you moving out of his apartment.

    How to sneakily give Carolina Herrera a cameo on your reality show without her knowing it.

    The cafes with the best atmosphere in which to happily read your Page Six mentions.

    The best events for picking up Princes (who aren't Nazis!) and ex-American Idol contestants.

    Can't wait to see a completely reformed crew on the next season of Jersey Shore!

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