Paul Johnson Calderon Is NOT Hosting A Party With Devorah Rose Tonight

by Chiara Atik · May 4, 2010

    High Society's Paul Johnson Calderon is PISSED that his name is being used without permission on a party invitation. To add insult to injury, the invite claims he is co-hosting a party with co-stars Devorah Rose and Malik So Chic. Salt to the wound: the party is at Kiss N'Fly.-

    PJC was dismayed to find his name on an invite, in which he "cordially invites you to celebrate the Season 1 of the CW reality show High Society".  Paul said in an email to us:

    "I'd rather dump a tank of gasoline over my head and light a match than have my name on this invite."

    So, I don't think he'll be making it tonight.

    But Malik So Chic will be there! You remember him, from the trailer? And Devorah Rose, who is "repulsed" by the editing on the show, who is disgusted by the producers and the whole experience, is gamely willing to put her grievances aside to host a party "celebrating" the first season. What a sport!