Spring Break Essentials: From A-Z

by Ailsa Forlenza · March 18, 2011

    Schools off for a week and Spring Break is on! We've got all the essentials, whether you are traveling or staying in the city, to make it the best ever! -

    A. Australia. Need to go somewhere new and in the Southern region? Catch the Eastern current or have some amber fluid and avocados in the expansive Great Barrier Reef. Make your way to the Eastern coast and head to Byrom Bay, as known as surfer's paradise, or hit up more urban cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Flights go for around $1000-2000 round-trip.

    B. Bros. Beware of this species during spring break. Avoid any type of fraternity party. The chances you will get beer spilled on you or be yelled at for not flipping a cup over properly are high. How to spot a bro: Always checking themselves out in the mirror, chewing on dip, talking about alcohol, a long drawl, and frequent use of "Yeah man," "Dude," and "Football."

    C. Cut-Outs. Embrace the space itty-bitty garments provide. Check out these sexy, yet chic monokinis featured on Net-A-Porter.

    [Diane Von Furstenburg, $225]         [ Melissa Odabash, $805]

    D. Delhi, India. Head to the East and enlighten yourself with the beauty of the land. Especially visit the Lotus Temple and ponder your deepest thoughts. The lotus is known for its beauty and it's symbolic significance in the Buddhist faith. Lotus's represent the manifestation of divinity, a miracle born from the dirt.

    E. Eats. Lombardi's has some of the best pizza in all of New York City. If you're craving classic New York, this is the place to go! Located in the heart of NoLita on 32 Spring St. Entrees range between $20-$30. Manja!

    F. Furthur. "Sometimes the lights are shining on me, other times I can barely see..." You know you love the Grateful Dead. What a better way to celebrate life and love than to attend Furthur (members of the dead, Bobby Weir & Phil Lesh, and their musical crew). Jam all night and hold hands with strangers. Radio City Music Hall, 3/25/11-3/27/11. You might get a miracle.

    G. Greater New York Area. It's true, it does have things to offer! Try Hudson Valley, homage as of now to Bill Murray, Washington Irving, the Rockefeller Estate, and several famous architects and writers, this historical and stunning town provides a wonderful journey into the past.

    H. HARD NYC. So, the first night of HARD (ft. Crystal Castles) is sold out. This leaves only one, better choice: see Benga, Skream, Simian Mobile Disco, Nero, Fake Blood, and Destructo for only $35 at Terminal 5. March 19, 2011 at $8 p.m.!

    I. Long Island Beach. The world is starting to heat up, and before we know it the only thing we're going to be wearing are crop tops. Make a day of it on an impulse!

    J. Jaws. If you can't make it to the beach and are bummed, make it a movie night with Jaws! You won't be pining for the ocean much longer.

    K. Koozies. It's warming up now, and you need to keep your cool. Get a cool koozie with a sports team or fun pattern or just go for bold. When you sip your nice cold drink, you won't be sorry.

    L. Liqurious. An alcohol lovers dream, Liqurious lists the "it" drinks of the season. This website will provide you with innovative mixed drinks, specialty cocktails, and new microbreweries for all your spring break parties.

    The Little Death, an aphrodisiac, is made with damiana tea, which is said to boost libido.

    M. Montreal. Known as the arch-nemesis of Toronto, this city is the second largest of Canada and is homage to mass amounts of fashion-savvy, attractive people. Montreal has a typical European feel. Most of the population only speaks French, and bars and clubs are open until 4 a.m. (later than Toronto's 2 a.m.) I've been directed to the rue Crescent and rue St-Denis, as well as the Old Port in Old Montréal and the Village, the center of Montréal's gay community, also called Gay Village. Ski during the day, warm up by night. Bus rates go for $150 round trip, flights around $400-500.

    N. No Smoking. NYC's local ban extends to parks, beaches, and private residencies. Unfortunate for us social smokers, who've met friends, lovers, and soulmates by sharing a lighter. But where can we!? Here are a list of smoke-friendly bars and clubs in the NYC area that accept this addiction. A few include Merchant's East, The Kush Lounge, and Karma.

    O. Oggle Me. You're going to need a new pair of shades wherever you go. Check out this gorgeous collection from Tom Ford. If you're looking to shop around, check out this website, practically a historical database of vintage glasses.

    [Abbey Lee Kershaw for Tom Ford]

    [Vintage Colani, 1970's]

    P. Perigee. The moon will be at its fullest this Saturday. Also known as "The Storm Moon," at its perigee the moon will appear unusually large. The perigee occurs every 18 years because planets move along an ellipsis. It will be stunning- and crazy things are predicted to happen.

    Q. 5 Pointz, Queens. Known as the largest informal gallery of graffiti in New York, this landmark houses the best, and most beautiful tags and murals in the city. Scheduled to be demolished and renovated in two weeks, there isn't much time to see the "Institute of Burnin'." Look around and your eyes will bounce from peaceful messages to technicolor monsters to silver scrawls. Directions: E, V subways to 23 St/Ely Ave., 7 to 45 Rd/Court House Sq., G to Court House Square.

    R. Roadtrip. Rent a vehicle, gather a crew, and drive. Prestige Car Rentals has a decently priced and fair rental policy.

    S. San Fransisco, California. A perfect blend between NoCal and SoCal, San Fransisco strikes appeal as being New York's twin. A wonderful place with only pleasant vibes- San Fran has a lot to offer. From Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park to the Haight-Ashbury District, you'll have the best of both worlds- the city and the serenity. Make it your Spring of Love.

    T. Tennis Shoes. These can make an outfit casual yet important. I highly recommend buying a few pairs- one plain, one printed, for the upcoming Spring season! Here's a few:

    Jack Purcell's new line for Converse. Less bulky, still sleek. Boys shoes for girls. $55.

    Ked's for Opening Ceremony (click HERE for photos of the Target celebration), $100.

    [via Fashionista]

    U. The Untz. An extensive database of electronic music, concerts, tours, and contests happening all across the country! All you need to do is type in your location and a mile range, and almost every show will be listed. You can also add your own shows if you are an event promoter or musician.

    V. Vs. Use your strategical skills in a game of kickball, frisbee, or maybe hit some ping pong balls at The Standard. Hit Central Park or Ft. Greene. While you're at the park, definitely check out Strawberry Fields memorial. Right now there's a yellow ring of roses surrounding John Lennon's Imagine Memorial, representing "Here Comes The Sun."

    W. Where's my Robot Girlfriend? This upcoming Thursday and Friday, Observatory gallery will be displaying an exploration in sexual robotics, like the orgasm ray, or the sex machine. It is an illustrated lecture by sexual health researcher and writer Laura G. Duncan.

    When: This Thursday, March 24th at 8:00 p.m.

    Where: 543 Union St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Info: $5 Cover.

    X. Criss-cross. In love with overlay adornment, therefore I must show you these beauties.

    Martel 140 mm, Christian Louboutin, $895. [via Louboutin]

    Y. Yves Style. Spring 2011 RTW reincarnated the 70's,  and especially the Yves 70's. Peasant blouses, safari jackets, vibrant colors, and batik prints, all attributed to the designer's aesthetic and create an illuminating contrast to a dull, monochromatic winter wardrobe.

    Z. Zone out. Don't be too concerned with where, when, or why- just relax and be stress free!