Chewbacca Battles R2-D2 For The Spotlight At The Beverly Hills Screening Of Fanboys

by KENDRA SEAY · February 4, 2009

    [FANBOYS Cast. All photos from this event by ANDREAS BRANCH for PMc]

    Fanboys, a comedy-drama about four Star Wars fans who venture to Skywalker Ranch to catch the Phantom Menace before its' release, was screened in Beverly Hills at the Clarity Screening Room on Tuesday night. The film which has spent the majority of its' time thus far in the editing room being cut and re-shot is finally being released in its' original form. Now lightsaber fanatics across the country can all weep tears of joy while they wait in line to see a Star Wars movie about...waiting in line to see a Star Wars movie.

    More photos from this event below...

    The film's all-star cast was in attendance for the screening including Jamie King, Kristen Bell, Dan Fogler, Chris Marquette, and Sam Huntington. Other movie go-ers included Milo Ventimiglia, Selma Blair, Brandon Routh, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and R2-D2.

    Selma Blair, Boba Fett

    Kristen Bell, Chewbacca, Jamie King and Fanboys director Kyle Newman

    Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette

    Kristen Bell, Jamie King, Chewbacca