Mickey Rourke Celebrates His Knock Out Win With Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

by KENDRA SEAY · January 13, 2009

    [Mickey Rourke, Ross Vance, Rosario Toscano. Photos by ANDREAS BRANCH for PMc]

    Mickey Rourke shocked the entertainment biz with his comeback performance in The Wrestler, followed by his win for Best Actor knocking out Hollywood heavyweights Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sean Penn at Sunday night's Golden Globes. He celebrated his win Monday night in L.A. at Gordon Ramsay at the London for the Golden Globes party held by Niche Media's (and Rourke pal) Jason Binn and Los Angeles Confidential Magazine.

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    More story and photos from this event below...

    The mag's Jill Sieracki caught up with the mag's cover boy following the big night :

    LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL: Congrats on your nomination. How does it feel? MICKEY ROURKE: Thank you very much; we still got a long way to go. Hey, listen, after being out of work 13, 14 years I’m just grateful to have a second chance.

    LAC: Journalists tend to armchair-analyze you. How would you describe yourself? MR: I really, really, really worked hard to be the actor I am. I remember when I first got into the Actors Studio. It was really difficult back then to get in, when Strasberg was still alive. I think it’s all about hard work. Sure you can come out of a university and you can be politically correct, you can be really bright, you can be a businessman about your career, you can be a very big movie star, and have mediocre ability.

    LAC: Yeah, there’s a lot of that out there…. MR: Glad you said it before me, honey.

    Guests including Aaron Eckhart, David Arquette, Rick and Kathy Hilton, Ross Vance, Bai Ling, Tom Arnold, and Chase Johnson showed up to congratulate Rourke and his win.

    Gordon Ramsay, Kathy and Rick HiltonMickey Rourke, Ross Vance, Rosario Toscano

    Mickey Rourke, Ross Vance, Rosario Toscano

    David ArquetteCheryl Woodcock

    David Arquette, Cheryl Woodcock

    Tom ArnoldMickey Rourke

    Tom Arnold, Mickey Rourke