Spike TV Invites Hollywood To Their 2009 Scream Awards

by KENDRA SEAY · October 19, 2009

    Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Kayla EwellSpike TV hosted their 4th annual Scream Awards Saturday night at The Geek Theatre in Los Angeles. The appropriately titled venue was filled with tons of Hollywood's favorite geeks participating in the ceremony honoring the best in sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comic-inspired movies and TV shows... Johnny Depp was on hand to present the Rock Immortal Award to Keith Richards, Quentin Tarantino paid tribute to "Night of the Living Dead" director George A. Romero, and vampires proved to still be "in" with True Blood and Twilight each taking home four awards of their own. Other guests included John C. Reilly, Jaime King, Christina Ricci, Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz, Justin Long, Jaime King, and many more.

    Liv TylerMegan Fox Liv Tyler, Megan Fox

    Justin LongChristina Ricci Justin Long, Christina Ricci

    John C. ReillyJaime King John C. Reilly, Jaime King

    Patti Hansen, Keith RichardsEliza Dushku Patti Hansen, Keith Richards, Eliza Dushku

    Jennifer CarpenterIan Somerhalder, Kayla Ewell Jennifer Carpenter, Ian Somerhalder, Kayla Ewell

    [All photos via Getty]