"Taking Woodstock" Takes It To HollyWood

by ANTHONY NATOLI · August 5, 2009

    [Emile Hirsch, Ang Lee, Demetri Martin outside of ArcLight Cinemas, L.A.. Photos by JANET GOUGH for Elevation]. The Academy Award-winning Brokeback Mountain Director Ang Lee was in L.A. on Monday for the Hollywood premiere of his new film "Taking Woodstock" based on the autobiography by Elliot Tiber of the same name. The psychedelic new film, which chronicles the time leading up to the famed Woodstock festival of 1969, made its debut at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival to mass critical acclaim. The film stars comedy powerhouse Demetri Martin as Tiber and also features dazzling performances by several other Hollywood superstars including Paul Dano, Emile Hirsch and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Bridget Fonda, Danny Elfman

    Billy Corgan

    Kat Kramer                                Kelli Garner

    Elliot Tiber, Karen Kramer

    George Hamilton

    Emile Hirsch, Demetri Martin, Ang Lee