SINGLE Threat's IT List

by Test EventManager · May 23, 2008

    [My Suitcase for weekend]

    When you know that you are about to spend your summer weekends running all over the east end of Long Island covering the hottest events and happenings, packing for the summer is no small feat. This is GO TIME. I have to set up my GofG AMAGANSETT OUTPOST. Therefore, I have spent the last month cultivating what I feel is the perfect summer wardrobe: choice items of clothing, skincare, make up, jewelry, accessories, bags and shoes to help me keep up with the fast-paced chic of Long Island’s own Monte Carlo – Los Hamptons.

    While most can pack a t-shirt, jeans, bathing suit and Havaianas to relax in for the weekend – I’ll actually be working. It’s not just my job to play ‘I Spy’ with the who’s who set on the social register and rush home to write about it – it’s really my job to look good while doing it. I consider REPORTING while LOOKING GOOD to be party camouflage – I blend in with the social landscape while watching your every move and calculating my next one.

    Here is SINGLE threat’s Packing Roster for Summer Look ‘08:

    Many pairs of shorts in bright summer colors like Royal Blue and Blood Red – think Unruly Heir, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew (and maybe even a couple from H&M).

    Seersucker Vest & Seersucker Blazer (J. Crew & H&M – real men admit they wear H&M and LOVE IT!!)

    Cropped Thom Brownish Seersucker pants with cuff

    Dani Stahl for Lia Sophia rings – several to mix and match. It’s perfect to go a little bling with a little preppy casual

    Scarves from Urban Outfitters, Hermes and Vintage Shops like 11 on Prince Street – Scarves are HUGE this summer and can keep you warm for cool clam bakes on the East End.

    Alden Tassel Loafers in Burgundy from Jeffrey NYC – Very cool with Shorts and a Blazer; uber preppy yet fun.

    Cream Color Vintage Gucci Loafers from Ebay!

    Burberry Tote to bring Us Weekly, Life & Style, Details, GQ & L’Official on the Jitney

    Laptop so you can surf wireless on said Jitney.

    Bright belts from J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitters

    Signature Daisy Pin to accessorize a simple outfit from Jamin Puech

    Vintage Ties with Nautical themes like Anchors or Sailboats.

    Fitted Windbreakers from American Apparel which look cool with ANYTHING!

    Brick Red windbreaker from Triple Five Soul

    Straw Hat from Holt Renfrew in Canada

    Sperry Topsiders in Navy

    L’Oreal Sublime Glow Moisturizer + Self Tanner in Medium for body

    Jergens Natural Glow for Face with SPF 15 in Medium/Tan skin tone

    Clinique Non Streak Bronzer for Men – but GREAT for women too.

    Signature Roll on Fragrances from Tracy Stern SalonTEA line.

    L’Oreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Eye Shadows – for Jared Leto smokey Eye.

    Many many fun colored and designed headbands from Rickys to keep my preppy shag out of my eyes while on the beach.

    Lilly Pulitzer Beach Bag (of course)

    RayBan Shades

    Neutrogena Sunscreen in SPF 30 with a HINT of self tanner – allows you to leave the beach earlier and get ready for a night out!

    OKAY! I think I’m ready………..See you there!