Timo! Wallets Perfect Carriers For Your Hampton Cash Stash

by Test EventManager · May 28, 2008

    Heading out east and heading into your back pockets are TIMO! Wallets for Unruly Heir. I’m a big big fan of TIMO! Wallets and of the Unruly Heir clothing brand, so when Mr. Weiland (as in the unstoppable Timo Weiland) teamed with Unruly to create a signature seersucker-esque wallet, with the integrity of Timo and the style of Unruly, I was bubbled over with excitement. The sophisticatedly sleek wallets are razor thin, but capable of fitting all necessary cash and credit cards. My hat goes off to Timo for realizing any excess material on a wallet, when worn in a back pocket, just creates the illusion of a huge ass tumor.

    Let me put it out there that I intensely dislike big and bulky men’s wallets. TIMO! Wallets were the first wallets I have considered actually using since I ordered the “Magic Wallet” via a TV infomercial (not because I’m into magic) but because it’s thin. I have had said Magic Wallet for 7 years now because it’s one of the few THIN wallet options out there. I like to show off my butt, not a big rectangular bulge coming from one cheek – which can create a sartorial disaster. However, Magic Wallet is sooooo boring and ugly.

    So when downtown Manhattan scenster, Timo, turned his stylish thin wallet creation into a marketable and well celebrated TIMO! Wallet brand – well, I noticed! And so did Unruly – being ahead of the curve of all things cool, they partnered with Timo to create a wallet for them. It’s everything you would expect from Timo and everything you love about Unruly. The wallets debuted at Blue and Cream in East Hampton this season and are soon to be popping up everywhere. They just won’t be popping out of your butt pocket, creating a scene. And that’s not a bad thing!