Interview With Ivona Bilicic, Owner Of Loveday 31

by JACQUELINE CHANCER · May 27, 2008

    LoveDay 31Just like any other girl, I love shopping...Clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. But, with the proliferation of mass-produced clothing conglomerates, I have an undeniable fear of looking exactly like someone else on the street. Thank god for vintage stores, where one of a kind, truly means just that. My obsession of the moment is Loveday 31, a little vintage boutique in Astoria. Tucked away on a cute block full of trendy cafes and ethnic eateries, this shop is my dream closet. Lucky magazine raves, "Vintage Clothing, Shoes & Bags here are incredible." With new finds every week, this shop is sure to become your new best friend. I got a chance to talk with Ivona Bilicic, fashion genius and the owner of Loveday 31, (who is also a longtime Astoria resident). Her sense of style is impeccable and her boutique is altering the Queens shopping landscape for the better.

    When did you open this shop? What inspired you to do so? I opened Loveday 31 in March of 2005. I used to be the buyer at Screaming Mimi's and while I loved my job, I thought opening my own shop was a natural progression. What better place than my own hood! There were hip people everywhere...I wondered where they were shopping?I simultaneously wanted to fill a void.

    Why the name Loveday 31? Name was inspired by a little girl named Loveday...31 is just for the lovely avenue we are on.

    Loveday 31

    Describe your style. My personal style or that of the store? The store is very girly... we love dresses, lots and lots of dresses that range from 1940's through 1980's. My personal style is a mix of new and vintage and I particularly like Mexican vintage dresses and tops which I rework in order to modernize them.

    Who is your style icon? Why? My mother! Always looks fabulous and age appropriate. She's a tailor so her clothing is always immaculate and on point.

    Since you do sell vintage, what is your favorite era in regards to style? Why? I am the product of the 80's so naturally I love the style. But I am also a huge fan of the 40's which were very glamorous and the 60's which were quite creative and also futuristic.

    Where do you find your clothing? What do you look for in a piece? I travel far to look for my vintage pieces, usually to southwest. I am initially attracted to the fabric but the piece should somehow reflect a current trend. If it is a great piece I will buy it and re-design it. It should be in great condition.

    What do you do to your clothing once you've find it? I wash all that is washable and dry clean the rest. Many dresses and skirts get altered to modernize them a bit.

    What is your summer season must have? Fab print dresses, bright accessories, Rebel Chic earrings delicate embroidered Mexican tops to be worn with skinny jeans.

    Where do you like to shop, besides your own place? Or some of your favorite designers? I do all of my shopping while shopping for my store. I do love Marc Jacobs and Sigerson Morrison shoes.

    What article of clothing or accessory can you not bear to live without? Leather hoops by Rebel Chic, simple Ted Muehling earrings and perfect skinny jean.

    What current trend do you despise? Not so much a current trend, but I get annoyed when people mix too many trends and wear them simultaneously. Sometimes less is more.

    What are you listening to/reading right now? Reading Little Prince to Imani ( my son ) while listening to a mix of 90's music...yes it will be all about the 90's...

    For more information check out the store's website or stop inside this cute little shop for yourself:

    33-06 31st Ave. (between 33rd and 34th Street) You won't regret it, but your wallet might.