Notorious Wet Republic Welcomes Lindsay Lohan's 23rd Poolside Bungalow Birthday Bash

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · June 29, 2009

    [Photos via Getty] It seems like yesterday that Lindsay Lohan became a legal drinker, but this weekend, she lavishly celebrated her 23rd birthday and success of her tanning mist, Sevin Nyne, at MGM Grand's Wet Republic in Vegas on Saturday afternoon. Arriving on the blue carpet in a vivacious red bikini peeping through an over sized frayed black chemise, Lohan was accompanied by her younger brother, Michael Lohan Jr. and noted celebutante, Brittney Gastineau. Lohan and company took full advantage of the secluded VIP bungalows, sparingly appearing for the paparazzi's flashing lights or fans delights, yet occasionally dabbling in the limelight to combat the heat in the waters of delicious crystal clear pool. As the champagne began flowing and the crowd quickly thickened, Lohan was spotted with Gastineau seductively dancing (umm...where's Samantha?!?) underneath the spectacular sunshine while enjoying an array of polished poolside cocktails, and eventually mingling with good friend, DJ Steve Aoki. The astounding afternoon was amplified with a red, white, and blue birthday cake devoured by Lohan and playfully smeared over greasy tan-lotioned bodies of guests. Happy birthday Lindsay!!