The 2010 Las Vegas March Madness Files

by Rachelle Hruska · March 23, 2010

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    It's March Madness season! Which means, scores of photos from Las Vegas adventures like these have been gracing my Facebook home page. Let's take a look at what a typical 20-year old boys trip looks like these days in Vegas shall we?

    Disclaimer: I don't know much about Vegas, (I got snowed in NYC on the one weekend I was supposed to be in attendance at a bachelorette party at the Wynn),  I know even less about what is going on with this year's basketball season, (I'm assuming it's cool to go there to gamble on the games?), and I know NOTHING about who these people are. However, I am curious as to why so many guys in my age bracket seem to flock to Vegas during these weeks in March and alas, these poor gents showed up on my fbook wall today. So here I am, searching for answers....

    To start, it seems like it is really is a good time hanging out with your bros in bungalows at some poorly designed hotel pool. The joy is radiating from their faces:

    Bonus, the girls found at pools in Vegas are guaranteed to be less inhibited than the ones at, say your backyard pool parties in Kentucky. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and they know it:

    Day Drinking also gives you ample opportunities to get your hand signal photo snaps taken care of:

    Then, it's nap time, which you will need before hitting the night shenanigans:

    There will be formal dinner and drinks:

    More opportunities for the hand signs:

    And dancing, of course:

    There are some really great business contacts to be met in Vegas:

    But, I think the real appeal of March Madness, Las Vegas trips can be summed up in the following photos:

    Just remember boys, what happens in vegas stays in vegas....that is until you splash the evidence all over your open facebook accounts.