Champagne Vending Machines Have Come To America

by Christie Grimm · February 15, 2017

    We've all seen the similar, Tumblr-esque photo make the rounds. A champagne vending machine. A taunting thing of lore. Spoken of, dreamt of, even photographed - but never sighted in the wild.

    Until now! The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas now houses the very first public champagne vending machine in the U.S. Sat in the hotel's "Sky Bar" up on the 23rd floor, any old passerby with some money to burn can purchase mini bottles of Moët & Chandon. And as if that weren't glam enough, you can also buy mini champagne flutes!

    To add to the magic, the machine only accepts gold coins. Purchased at the front desk - to make sure all buyers are of legal age - forget the champagne, the $20 gold coins themselves are fun enough to keep.

    [Photos via, @jewelemcmerit, @stacecj]