What A Beautiful, Totally #Sponsored Moment Between Tiffany Trump & Her Boyfriend

by Christie Grimm · June 25, 2019

    It's hard enough we're living in a world where Donald Trump is President - but now you're telling me we also have to live in a world where Tiffany Trump is an influencer? To preface, nothing annoys me more than the word influencer. Never has a term been so far up it's own ass. But hey - I won't pretend not to be part of the problem. Producing influencer campaigns for brands isn't exactly fighting the good fight. But still, with all that experience, I know a sponsored moment when I see one. No need to scroll to the bottom of a caption for #ad. And Tiffany Trump's recent trip to a jeweler in the UK to pose for photos as she and her boyfriend try on bracelets was most certainly that.

    While in London with her family on a state visit, Tiffany stepped out for a quick afternoon of jewelry shopping with her boyfriend, "businessman" Michael Boulos. Forty five minutes and some embarrassingly staged photos later, Tiff left with a £500,000 diamond "friendship" bracelet.

    Do I think Tiffany was straight up paid to do some browsing at the boutique? It's completely possible, and let's be real - happens all the time. But am I positive that she didn't actually purchase that bracelet as is being reported? One hundred percent.

    While Tiffany is not a government employee, and thus not restricted by the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act, we suppose it's technically kosher. Accepting a free diamond bracelet in exchange for what will surely be some press for the brand. But optics wise - how gross? Taking a moment during an official state visit to play Kardashian and make an appearance at a store?

    In almost a reverse move to her father boasting about being given a huge discount on Melania's wedding ring, when in reality he was not, Tiffany's clearly riding the wave of her public life. But in all honestly, who's even being influenced by her?