Why Wasn't Daphne Guinness At Her Own Fragrance Launch?

by Chiara Atik · September 8, 2009

    A bunch of Guinnesses showed up at the London launch of Daphne Guinness' new fragrance, "Daphne", including designer Lulu Guinness, but Daphne herself was oddly missing. The fragrance, which is co-produced by Comme Des Garcons, has a heart of tuberose, which she claims used to be eaten by pterodactyls, and who doesn't want to smell like pterodactyl food? The fragrance is on sale through the Dover Street Market, and will be available worldwide on September 18th. Click below for more pictures of guests who actually showed up to the launch...

    Comme Des Garcons' "Daphne"

    Lulu Guinness                                  AA Gill

    Jasmine Guinness                          Nicky Haslam

    Poppy Delevigne