Is This The Hottest Lord In All Of England?

by Christie Grimm · February 27, 2017

    Yes. Yes it is. Lord Settrington is his name, and well, summoning swoons is his game. Though we're sure you can just call him Charlie. The 22-year-old future Duke of Richmond, Charlie stands to graduate St Benet’s Hall at Oxford with a degree in theology later this year. Though unlike a majority of his fellow students who are bogged down by that bug of an existential question, "what next?" Mr. Settrington knows full well where things will be leading, as his birthright set the fate he shall inherit, watching over the family estate - Goodwood.

    While it may have a mildly horrible name, the 2,800-acre estate is something of a gentleman's playground, annually hosting a handful of prestige horse-racing and car racing events. Very posh. But enough about the fancy, glamorous life. Look at that hair! He's like some type of Swiss-Aryan-Surfer dream!

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