Princess Beatrice Has A Secret Instagram

by Christie Grimm · February 26, 2018

    There are many pros to being in the royal family. Castles, jewels, the regular occasions to wear silly hats. But one thing in this modern era that's definitely a con is the lack of social media. Meghan Markle hasn't even technically joined the Windsor club yet and she's already had to preemptively cut her Instagram cord

    Typically, photos and news of the royal family's are shared through their official account, @kensingtonroyal. A profile we personally like to think the Queen is in charge of posting to, though in reality you know it's just some random palace intern. But sadly, this only chronicles the adventures of "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry." Sorry, Bea.

    So what's a second tier Princess to do? Why, create a secret Instagram of course.

    Last night, while attending a birthday party for David Geffen in LA (which we should all agree is weird), Princess Beatrice was snapped and tagged by Derek Blasberg, revealing her handle as @beayork. I mean, talk about hiding in plain sight, first off. And second, do you think she's ever realized her name is Bjork?

    But I digress. Not so surprisingly, Bea's profile is private. And Russian hackers we are not. So until she accepts our friend request (fingers crossed), the most we've got to go on is her stats. She's posted 119 times, which is definitely not a shy number, has 638 followers (not bad) and follows 999 others (honestly, for a princess, that follower to followee ratio is totally not right).

    Still, many questions abound. Do princesses take selfies? What about food pics or boomerangs? Does she get a lot of likes? Does she follow Beyonce? Needless to say, if you're one of the 639 chosen people out there with access to these answers, hit us up.

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