The Richest Royal EVER: Who Is The Duke of Westminster?

by Christie Grimm · May 8, 2017

    Hugh Grosvenor is not just any 26 year old. He may be living in London, but rest-you-me he's not scraping together the quid for his monthly rent, so he can continue to live with two to three of his best mates in a semi-respectable flat in some semi-trendy neighborhood.

    Hughie, to his friends, has just received the remaining bulk of his inheritance following the unfortunate death of his father, Gerald, a few months back. The grand total? £9.3billion. Compared to his measly net worth of £170million just one year ago, it's a real rags to riches story. And one all the more interesting in this #feminist world considering that due to aristocratic rules, his two older sisters, missed out on the fortune. Sure they've crazy trust funds, but still. Really?

    While any other young titleholder and Mr. Moneybags would no doubt be out and about, making the rounds on the Lothario circuit, it appears Hugh's not the type. His girlfriend is recruitment consultant Harriet Tomlinson, the daughter of a curtain factory boss (how quaint!), who grew up in the neighborhood of the Duke's insane family estate, Eaton Hall. The two met at Ellesmere College boarding school, so yeah, this adorable high school sweetheart story really is Nicholas Sparks, made-for-TV gold. 

    Though he may be simple in love, Hugh's not exactly missing out on the benefits of being able to afford just about anything. Case in point, his 21st birthday bash, attendees of which included Prince William, with the whole evening having cost a reported £5 million. Why was Wills in attendance you may ask? Well, while it may be the fact that as always assumed, all British people know each other, it's actually because their fathers were close friends. The future king also gave Hugh the most covetable role of Godfather to the most adorable child the world has ever seen - Prince George.

    It is a charmed, rich life it seems. 

    [Photo via, @princegeorge_cambridge]