There's A Tiffany & Co. Vending Machine Now

by Stephanie Maida · August 1, 2018

    Oh, Tiffany's. Always managing to relate to the common folk. From bodegas to "everyday objects," the iconic brand has a way of making luxury accessible. Even if they do sell $575 paper cups.

    Their latest tongue-in-cheek offering? 

    A vending machine. Full of little boxes of Tiffany blue.

    You can find it at the new Tiffany Style Studio, which opened in London's Covent Garden this summer. There's no jewelry inside (unlike the one that just debuted in Brooklyn), but you can snag a bottle of Tiffany's signature fragrance, which launched with a bang last September.

    It's perfect for all last-minute shoppers and husbands who forgot their anniversary.

    [Photo via Tiffany & Co.]