We're Looking For Coachella 2014 Photographers!

by guestofaguest · April 2, 2014

    GofG L.A. is looking for photographers who are going to Coachella and are interested in shooting the festival and all its wonderment, from the shows in the tents and festival fashion to the pool parties and awesome weirdness and revelry in between. If you're a photographer going to Weekend 1 or 2 of the festival (and parties), keep reading to find out how you can be a GofG L.A. Coachella photog!

    We're looking for photographers to document the full Coachella experience—festival grounds, the people, performers on stage, private daytime pool parties and exclusive night events—for Weekend 1 and 2. Basically, just photos of whatever you may find yourself doing during your weekend in the desert.

    If this sounds like it might be something you're interested in, email romina.rosenow@guestofaguest.com with your resume detailing your events photography experience, direct links to event galleries you have shot (bonus if they are of the concert and party variety) and indicate what days you will be in the desert for the festival and you will be on your way to becoming a GofG L.A. photog for Coachella 2014! ***Please note: If we approve hosting your photos on our website we will not be able to provide a press pass for Coachella festival itself, you will be on your own terms with what equipment you bring in. This means that if you can get awesome photos inside the fest with a smaller or more simple camera set up than you might usually use, we'd be okay with that. We also cannot provide any tickets or transportation. If approved, we will however be able to get you access to some pretty awesome Coachella parties during weekend 1, where you can shoot to your heart's content.