GofG L.A. Is Hiring Event Photographers!

by guestofaguest · July 11, 2016

    In order to keep up with all the parties and events in Los Angeles, we are hiring more event photographers to send out as ambassadors. Keep reading to find out how you can be a GofG L.A. photog!

    Email losangeles@guestofaguest.com with the following:

    -A short paragraph detailing your photography experience, as well as event photography experience. Include your typical event photography camera set up.

    -If your resume has relevant photography experience, include that too.

    -Most importantly, please send direct links to event galleries (especially sponsored events and red carpet, though nightlife, parties and concerts are cool too). Ideally, they would be in this style. If you don't have event photography links, then just include your online portfolio link.

    Lastly, answer the following questions in your application (1-2 sentences per question, not more).

    1) What is different between shooting a red carpet vs. a party? (in terms of what kind of photos to shoot, and how to be prepared equipment wise). We don't need specific technical specs on equipment, but just the general equipment you'd bring.

    2) If someone asks you to make sure you get photos of the sponsor (alcohol, clothing brand, etc), what does that mean to you? Be specific as if you were explaining the type of imagery needed to a layman. 

    3) What general equipment and/or camera settings do you use to get a crowd shot at a party? What about a low light situation?

    4) The shot list includes getting shots of a liquor sponsor. While at the event, you notice that the bottles at the bar are facing backwards so you are unable to get a photo with the name of the liquor brand in it. What do you do?

    Pay DOE (specifically event photography experience). Best of luck!