"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Rocking Out At the Hesher Special Screening With NYLON Guys & The Cobra Snake

by Alex Gilman · May 26, 2011

    Movie premieres. There's the traditional way to do them: red carpet, endless line of paparazzi, elegant gowns, etc., and that can be pretty cool. But then there's The Cobra Snake way. It involves live rock music and enough PBR to feed a hipster army. Of course, it was technically not a premiere, but rather a "special screening" of Hesher at the Vista Theatre presented by The Cobra Snake and NYLON Guys if details like that matter to you. Oh, you just want to know who was there, huh?


    Well, not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sadly. That's just a cutout, for those of you with bad eyesight. But how about Rainn Wilson, Joey Kern, director Spencer Susser, Dr. Drew Pinsky (side note: why in God's name is Dr. Drew at every single event that takes place in this town? Is he addicted to flashbulbs? Do we need to have an intervention?), Devin Brochu, Kate Flannery, Rebel Wilson, Sia, and NYLON editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett.

    And, as always, a cast of fun, non-famous people, making faces.

    Spencer Susser, Devin Brochu, Marvin Scott Jarrett

    Rainn Wilson

    Marvin Scott Jarrett, Mark Hunter

    [all photos via The Cobra Snake]