"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Best & Worst Dressed Of Nocturnal Fest

by Emily Green · September 28, 2010

Go HERE and HERE for more photos by Angelina Ochoa and Frankie Pimentel and tag yourself and your friends!

If you thought rave season was over, think again. On Saturday, over 42,000 raver children congregated in San Bernadino's National Orange Show Events Center for Insomniac's 16th Annual Nocturnal Festival. The 11-hour sonic journey in the 100°+ heat brought out the diehard kandi kids who, despite the sweltering temps, sported their raver-chic finest.  See our picks for best and worst dressed from this year's Nocturnal Fest 2010.

Gold star nipple pasties, leggings and sneakers.

Pink and green bunny suit.

Mad Hatter and... a baby disco White Rabbit? Whatever, we're into it.

We're making an exception for the half-assed attempt at a kitten because she's standing next to Where's Waldo does American Apparel.

And same with this chick. If you have your own golden posse then you're good.

Ladybugs and lingerie raver fairies.

Sorry broham, a tat just doesn't cut it.

Homeboy is rocking some unbelievable kandi so we're willing to overlook the generally uninspired ensemble.

Ladies, your mermaid and Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes that came in a plastic bag are weak.

Sure, these probably came in a bag from the same Halloween costume shop but at least these guys really got into character and did disturbing face paint.

A thong AND hot pink furry boots! And imagine what's happening in the front...

Um... sure why not.

Ladies and gentlemen, an animal skin loin cloth!