"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Justin Ross Lee And His New Blond Girlfriend Attend Yacht Birthday Party

by Chiara Atik · September 28, 2010

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How do you throw your friend a 26th birthday party she'll always remember? Make it a yacht party, have everyone dress in theme, and order a kickass yacht-shaped cake. Oh, and invite Justin Ross Lee for some entertainment.-

Tabber B. Benedict (hold on a minute, we need to update the Socialite Name chart) threw his friend Elizabeth Stockton Howard Yacht Club birthday party at 49 Grove. Guests showed up in appropriately yacht-y attire, drank champagne, lit sparklers, and seemed to have a pretty good time.

Justin Ross Lee attended with his latest accessory, a buxom blond who cannot seem to get enough of him; there are like thirty pictures of her cheek kissing him, and, further research proves that her facebook profile pic is one of her with Justin.

Her name is Misty Lee, she's an 07 graduate of FSU and if she's dating JRL for publicity, well, she'll get it. If she's out and about with JRL because she's in love with him...good luck, friend.(JRL doesn't really strike us as a one shiksa type of guy...)

She wrote on his wall "I need ice <3", which JRL "liked" (I don't even want to know what that means). She also commented on a photo of herself straddling him at a club: "The girl to the right looks as if she wants to murder me. Who wouldn't? <3" No comment.

These people know how to do a theme!

What did I tell you about the kick-ass cake?