"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Septemberfest American Pride

by Emily Green · September 27, 2010

Few events accurately capture and celebrate the American spirit like DrinkEatPlay's Septemberfest. Riffing on the German Oktoberfest, Saturday's Septemberfest took Americana to the next level, where patriots came out to toast their love for the red, white and blue over gallons of beer. See how the day was filled with the sense of Amer-I-Can as these bastions of American pride honored their country.


Showcasing the staples of the American diet like BBQ...

Hot dogs on a stick, mac 'n cheese loaded up with bacon...

and Freedom Fries.

Folks displayed their American pride in their outfits and accessories.  This guy got literal with the ever-popular brew-lovers Beer Goggles.

Doesn't get much more American that boobs and beer.

Yes, and you are killing it with that lobster hat, my friend. Cheers!

A few missed the memo that this was a celebration of American pride and donned their their lederhosen.

This man wins the title of Mr. Septemberfest. The life of the party was sporting a visor and Tevas while tearing it up on the dance floor making all the ladies swoon.

More people should take a cue from this girl and wear a helmet when drinking.

A birthday? Sure, why not? Septemberfest is the ideal event to celebrate a birthday and saves everyone the headache of planning, all your entertainment, beer and food is taken care of!

A true romantic. A daytime beer fest and corn dogs complete the setting for a marriage proposal.