"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Charlie Sheen's Poetry Reading At Dim Mak Studios

by Alex Gilman · March 3, 2011

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The first week of March 2011 may go down in history as the easiest week ever to write a pop culture blog. Even without Charlie Sheen, we had an Oscars telecast that actually made people nostalgic for the days of David Letterman hosting, an across-the-pond fall from grace for a top fashion designer, and even Britney was relevant enough to get sued! But let's be for real: it's all about Charlie. And Charlie, as it turns out, is shrewder than we all thought. Sure, his behavior is dangerous and troubling, for an actor. But for a tortured literary genius? He's right on track! ....Which is why we're reinterpreting these photos from the (officially unrelated) Loft Series at Dim Mak Studios as snapshots from the first public reading of Charlie's poetry since 1990's magnum opus, A Peace of my Mind. Winning!

Excerpt From Tiger Blood, by C. Estevez

I'm different

I've got Tiger Blood

man, I've got Tiger Blood and I'm

tired of dealing with these clowns because I'm battle

tested and I'm

tired of pretending I'm not special when I'm a rock star from Mars and I'm


I'm tired.

I've got Tiger Blood.



Excerpt From F-18, by C. Estevez


bro bro bro

big mistake, bro

you just messed with a jet fighter bro

i make strafing runs in my


before i've had my morning coffee

i will destroy you in the air

i will destroy you in the air

i will destroy you in the air

and i will deploy my ordnance to the ground

i am an F-18 bro

Goddess, a haiku by C. Estevez

my angel, my muse

you're to be hugged and caressed

stab me with a fork

For more exclusive verses from Charlie, check out next month's Paris Review.