"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Dancing Like You Mean It Is Cool At Tea Room

by Emily Green · July 30, 2010

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Lately we've been seeing a lot of this 'too cool for school attitude' with people while out and about at night, and it ain't cute. So it was really refreshing to see a carefree, elated crowd dancing with conviction at Tea Room last night at a party they call "No Fun Thursdays." Apathetic sour pusses take note: stop acting like someone just killed your cat and lighten up like these fabulous individuals...

Work it, gurrrrl!

"Don't you wanna cha cha with me?!"

"How can you tell me your feet hurt right now?? Do you even understand how fucking GREAT this song is?!?  Shut up and dance!"

Falling is no reason to call it a night. No, you get right back up and prove you still got IT!

Oh yes, definitely use decor as props. Fire is a great choice. Get tribal with it.

- Yes. YESSSS! Don't be afraid to bring the drama. -