"Best $2k I Ever Spent" Finding Inspiration With Heineken

by Emily Green · August 31, 2010

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Over the weekend, everyone's go-to Dutch lager hosted Heineken Inspire, a two-day music event at The BookBindery building in Culver City.  For those who chose to forgo Emmy madness, the event served as a haven for eager minds with attractions like a Fabolous performance, DJ set by Jazzy Jeff, interactive activities, and of course plenty of Heinies to help find inspiration...

"Dayummm, I look good with a guitar. We should totally start a band!"

"Quick- everyone do a different pose! I call peace sign."

Keep drinking to keep the creative juices flowing. Double-fist it if you need to.

It's a given that some Heinies can inspire fratty behavior... And delusions of exceptional athletic ability.

Heineken can also help you master glass-filling skills that lend confidence and sex appeal... "Look, dude, just like a pro!"

"Hey ma, let me help you with that and show you how it's done."

"Ohh look at that! Someone's a quick study. Can the master take you out sometime?"

"Alright, who's drinking what? HA Just playin', get your own damn beer!"

Inspiration to do the pose she learned from Tyra in public that she's been practicing in the mirror for months.

Hey, Jazz from "The Fresh Prince!" Where you been, dude?!

Inspiration to keep going despite the fact that he's doing the drunken squint. If these were real friends, they would've cut him off two Heinies ago.