"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Gipsy Kings Spice Up A Typical RdV East Saturday

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 31, 2010

    While there's something to be said for a good routine, the scene at RdV East has gotten a little standard. Well, that is, until they brought in the Gipsy Kings. Legends!  But after a few "Bamboleos," it was back to another night of the routine Saturday night rendezvous.


    The Saturday night debauchery at RDV East will soon be over, and as all the hot messes (we mean that in a good way) relocate back to the city for the fall, we breathe a slight sigh of relief because after some fourteen weeks of this business, we're running out of things to say.

    The Gipsy Kings made a special performance last weekend and, well, they're LEGENDS. Very, very cool. And then of course came the routine we've come to know (and, we will admit, come to love): pretty girls in short skirts and high wedges; dancing on the banquettes by the DJ booth; bartenders pouring shots straight from bottle to mouth; swarms of girls atop the bar; confetti, patron, KirillWasHere, The Chainsmokers....aw, hell, we will miss this place.

    The legendary Gipsy Kings started off the night...


    Then came the usual shenanigans...confetti!

    Pretty girls in pretty dresses...

    Drinking straight from the bottle (and the classic aftermath...)

    Mischievous bartenders..

    And of course, dancing, dancing, and more dancing...preferably on anything but the floor...

    [Photos via KirillWasHere]