Downtown's Resident It Girl Sofia D'Angelo On Where To Find The Fun

by Guest of A Guest · February 12, 2024

    Sofia D'Angelo knows a thing or two about finding (and bringing) the fun - one of that special rare breed that New York thrives on, just oozing an undeniable cool. 

    On any given night you'll find her creating the vibe in the DJ perch of the city's most exciting rooms to be young and off-leash - Jean's, Wiggle Room, Kind Regards - or performing with her cult favorite band MICHELLE. The uptown Chapin girl turned downtown It name is a scene staple and surefire sign that you've picked the right place to spend your night.

    Curious to know where she's heading for a good time and which songs she's on repeat these days?

    Where would we most likely find you on a night off?
    Night off? Home. Or at my best friend’s house playing dress up and doing YouTube karaoke on the couch.

    As a city kid, safe to assume you've been going out for a bit? Any changes you've noticed in the nightlife scene the past few years?
    I first started going out by playing shows with my rock band. My band would play venues all over the city like Trans-Pecos, The Bitter End, The Studio at Webster Hall (RIP - now it’s DeluxxFluxx). In college I had a club girl era but not in a cool way. Nightlife started for me in the last two or three years. You see a lot of people come and go, but over time you build community. The biggest thing I’ve learned about nightlife is that while every night has a chance to be the best night ever, it also has a relatively equal chance of being totally mundane.

    Any particular tricks or tips when it comes to charming the door guy?
    Just be kind. Do not act entitled. And don’t elbow them—sorry, Tim! And if you do elbow them, bring them flowers, gift cards, and an apology note.

    What's the best night of the week to go out in New York?
    Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But Friday is always exciting because your 9-5 friends can make an appearance and usually bring a type of frenetic energy that can lead to a wild night.

    Best spots for dancing?
    Good Room, Public Records, Joyface, Baby Grand, Wiggle Room, Two Doors Down, Jean’s (especially their monthly Love Club party when my friends Alex and Dean DJ), downstairs at Le Dive … and I’ll say it, Acme hasn’t changed in years and it is still just as fun as ever.

    Best spots for music?
    Baby’s All Right (a classic mainstay for a reason), Silver Lining Lounge (super fun programming), Market Hotel (first thing I think of when I think of NYC indie), Purgatory (queer-owned, amazing interior), and Nublu (iconic East Village spot for jazz and rock shows).

    What do you think - these days are people actually having fun, or just mostly taking pictures?
    I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. Of course, I love taking pictures to show off my outfits. Most pictures you see of me on a night out are candids. We are all so indebted to the nightlife photographers who capture pictures for us so we don’t need to pause having fun to document our nights.

    Where can we catch you in the DJ booth?
    You can catch me spinning mostly at Wiggle Room, Kind Regards, Ding-a-Ling, and Bar Valentina (a great date spot, tbh). I always post my gigs on Instagram!

    Favorite late night bites downtown?
    Can’t go wrong with late night / early morning Remedy Diner. Had a 5am BLT there on Thanksgiving that I think about to this day. And it’s currently closed for construction, but I’m always craving tacos from Ben’s Deli on Avenue B.

    What songs need to be on everyone's Getting Ready playlist?
    “Mothers” by Fcukers
    “Badala Zamana (Habibi Funk 015)” by Zohra
    “Mi Amor” by Plastic Mode
    “Muschi Muschi” by DBBD & Miss Bashful
    “Jane Goodall” by Sofia D’Angelo

    How would you describe your style?
    Hot, young, and funky.

    Any particular pieces you're wearing on repeat these days?
    My bestie / stylist found me a slutty cheerleader costume on Poshmark for, like, $12. It’s sequined and it looks like a knockoff Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform. The skirt covers maybe 35% of my ass and I loveeee to pull up to the function, full moon on display.

    Thoughts on shoes that won't kill your feet after a night of dancing?
    Sneakers! Specifically Martine Rose Nike Shox because they give you a little bit of a lift, height wise, but they’re still comfy.

    How did you and your band Michelle get together?
    In 2018, Julian and Charlie asked a bunch of singer-songwriters who grew up in New York to partake in the creation of an album they were making about summer in the city. We’re down a few original members, but it’s been the six of us since 2020.

    By any standard you're pretty fucking cool. Who would you personally rate as some of the coolest people in New York?
    I’m honored - thank you for saying that. I'd say some of the coolest people in New York are... Sophia Lamar, Clara Perlmutter, Izzy Capulong, Griffin Maxwell Brooks.

    Is it ever okay to place a song request with the DJ at the club?
    LOL no! And if you do, pay them for your troubles.

    What are you most excited for next?
    Releasing my solo project!!

    [Lead photo by Justin Belmondo]