"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Getting Down And/Or Dirty At M Bar

by Alex Gilman · January 11, 2011

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Last Friday, M Bar threw down with the first D&D party of the year, supercharging our weekends with a "funkdafied dance party" that promised to fulfill both the Down and the Dirty of its name. But we're perfectionists, so let's go through the party pics and make sure that the event was indeed what it claimed to be...

Right off the bat, our man in the middle here is taking care of the Dirty with his creepy Pulp Fiction dance move, guitar pick necklace, and middle-to-sides comb(gel?)over. As for being Down, either of these girls might qualify, but the grinning, disembodied beardo in the corner makes it a moot point by being Down as hell.

Verdict: Down and Dirty

Dancing on tables, in any context, is dirty. Big hoop earrings and go-go boots, even more so. Bonus points for the guy in the back trying to pretend he's not looking!

Verdict: Dirty

These guys look like an Asian Hall and Oates. I'm down with that.

Verdict: Down

Remember when stunner shades were cool? Yeah, me either. I guess it was around the same time that people started wearing neon highlighter markers around their necks. When the post-New Year's Santa hat is only the third-most 'WTF' item you're wearing, it's safe to say you're not Down. But I think I see some food in his beard, which is certainly Dirty.

Verdict: Slightly Dirty, Not Even Remotely Down

"Not only did those Gypsies give us a ride to the party on their Gypsy caravan, but they also let us borrow some clothes!"

Verdict: Neither Down nor Dirty

A rare glimpse of The Big Lebowski at a bar that's not attached to a bowling alley.

Verdict: Down and Dirty